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词汇列表 (复习时使用)

abase abash abate abbreviate abdicate abduction aberrant abet abeyance abhor abject abjure ablution abnegation abolish abominable aboriginal abortive abrade abrasive abridge abrogate abscond absolute absolve absorb abstain abstemious abstinence abstract abstruse abundant abusive abut abysmal abyss academic accede accelerate accentuate accessible

deplete deplore deploy depose deposition depravity deprecate depreciate depredation deranged derelict deride derivative dermatologistderogatory descant descry desecrate desiccate desolate desolate despise despoil despondent despot destitute desultory detached detergent determinationdeterrent detonation detraction detrimental deviate devious devise devoid devotee devout dexterous

illicit illimitable illuminate illusion illusory imbalance imbibe immaculate imminent immobility immune immutable impair impale impalpable impart impartial impassable impasse impassive impeach impeccable impecunious impede impediment impel impenetrable impending impenitent imperative imperceptible imperial imperious impermeable impertinent imperturbable Impervious impetuous impetus impiety impinge

potential potion practicable practical practitioner pragmatic pragmatist prank prate prattle preamble precarious precedent precept precinct precipice precipitate precipitate precipitous précis precise preclude precocious precursor predator predecessor predetermine predicament predilection predispose preeminent preempt preen prehensile prelate prelude premeditate premise premonition preposterous prerogative

tautological tautology tawdry tedious temerity temper temperament temperate tempestuous tempo temporal temporize tenacious tenacity tendentious tender tenet tensile tenuous tenure tepid termination terminology terrestrial terse testy tether thematic theocracy theoretical therapeutic thermal thespian threadbare thrifty thrive throes throng thwart tightwad tiller

accessory acclaim acclimate acclivity accolade accommodate accomplice accord accost accoutre accretion accrue acerbity acetic acidulous acknowledge acme acoustics acquiesce acquire acquittal acrid acrimonious acrophobia actuarial actuate acuity acumen acute adage adamant adapt addendum addiction addle address adept adhere adherent adjacent adjunct admonish admonition adorn

diabolical diagnosis discomfit discomposure disconcert disconsolate discord discordant discount discourse discredit discrepancy discrete discretion discriminatingdiscursive disdain disembark disenfranchisedisengage disfigure disgorge disgruntle dishearten disheveled disinclination disingenuous disinter disinteresteddisjointed dislodge dismantle dismay dismember dismiss disparage disparate disparity dispassionatedispatch dispel disperse dispirited disputatious

impious implacable implausible implement implicate implication implicit implore imply importunate importune impostor impotent impoverished impregnable impromptu impropriety improvident improvise imprudent impudence impugn impunity inadvertently inalienable inane inanimate inarticulate inaugurate incandescent incantation incapacitate incarcerate incarnation incendiary incense incentive inception incessant inchoate incidence incidental


presage prescience presentiment prestige presumptuous pretentious preternatural pretext prevail prevalent prevaricate prey prim primordial primp pristine privation probe problematic proclivity procrastinate prod prodigal prodigious prodigy profane profligate profound profusion progenitor progeny prognosis projectile proletarian proliferation prolific prolixity prologue prolong prominent promiscuous promontory promote prompt

timidity timorous tirade titanic title titter titular toady tome tonic topography torpor torrent torrid torso tortuous totter touchstone touchy tout toxic tract tractable traduce trajectory tranquillity transcendent transcribe transgressiontransient transition transitory translucent transmute transparent transport trappings traumatic travail traverse travesty treacly treatise trek

adroit adulation adulterate advent adventitious adversary adverse adversity advocacy advocate aerie aesthetic affable affected affidavit affiliation affinity affirmation affix affliction affluence affront aftermath agenda agent agglomeration aggrandize aggregate aggressor aghast agility agitate agnostic agrarian alacrity alchemy alcove alias alienate alimentary alimony allay allege allegiance

disquiet dissection dissemble disseminate dissent dissertation dissident dissimulate dissipate dissolute dissolution dissonance dissuade distant distend distill distinction distort distraught diurnal diva diverge divergent diverse diversion diversity divest divine divulge docile doctrinaire doctrine document doff dogged doggerel dogmatic doldrums doleful dolt domicile domineer don doodle

incisive incite inclement incline inclined inclusive incoherent incompatible incongruous inconsequentialinconsistency incontinent incontrovertibleincorporate incorporeal incorrigible incredulous increment incriminate incrustation incubate inculcate incumbent incur incursion indefatigable indelible indentation indenture indeterminate indicative indices indict indifferent indigenous indigent indignation indignity indiscretion indiscriminate indisputable indissoluble indoctrinate indolent

promulgate prone propagate propellants propensity prophetic propinquity propitiate propitious proponent propound propriety propulsive prosaic proscribe proselytize prosperity prostrate protean protégé protocol prototype protract protrude protuberance provident provincial provisional provocative provoke prowess proximity proxy prude prudent prune prurient pseudonym psyche pterodactyl puerile pugilist pugnacity pulchritude

tremor tremulous trenchant trepidation trespass tribute trifling trigger trinket trite trivial trough truculence truism truncate tryst tumult tundra turbid turbulence turgid turmoil turncoat turpitude tutelage tycoon typhoon tyranny tyro ubiquitous ulterior ultimate unaccountableunanimity unassailable unassuming unbridled uncanny unconscionableuncouth Unctuous underlying undermine underscore

allegory alleviate alliteration allocate alloy alloy allude allure allusion aloft aloof altercation altruistic amalgamate amass ambidextrous ambience ambiguous ambivalence amble ambulatory ameliorate amenable amend amenities amiable amicable amiss amity amnesia amnesty amoral amorous amorphous amphibian amphitheater ample amplify amputate amulet anachronistic analgesic analogous analogy

dormant dormer dossier dote douse dowdy downcast drab draconian dregs drivel droll drone drone dross drudgery dubious ductile dulcet dumbfound dupe duplicity duration duress dutiful dwarf dwindle dynamic earthy ebb ebullient eccentric eccentricity ecclesiastic eclectic eclipse ecologist economy ecstasy eddy edict edify eerie efface

indomitable indubitable induce indulgent industrious inebriated ineffable ineffectual inefficacious inept inequity inert inevitable inexorable infallible infamous infantile infer infernal infidel infiltrate infinitesimal infirmity inflated influx informal infraction infuriate infusion ingenious ingenue ingenuous ingrained ingrate ingratiate inherent inhibit inimical inimitable iniquitous initiate injurious inkling innate

pulverize pummel punctilious pundit pungent punitive puny purchase purge purported purse purveyor pusillanimous putrid pyromaniac quack quadruped quaff quagmire quail quaint qualified qualms quandary quarantine quarry quarry quay queasy quell quench querulous query quibble quiescent quietude quintessence quip quirk quiver quiver quixotic quizzical quorum

undulating unearth unequivocal unerringly unfathomable unfetter unfrock ungainly uniformity unimpeachableuninhibited unintimidatingunique universal unkempt unmitigated unobtrusive unpalatable unprecedentedunprepossessingunravel unrequited unruly unscathed unseemly unsightly unstinting untenable unwarranted unwieldy unwitting upbraid upshot urbane usurp utopia vacuous vagabond vagrant valedictory valid validate valor vampire

anarchist anarchy anathema ancestry anchor ancillary anecdote anemia anesthetic anguish angular animated animosity animus annals annex annihilate annotate annuity annul anoint anomalous anomaly anonymity anonymous antagonism antecede antecedents antediluvian anthem anthology anthropocentric anthropoid anthropologist anthropomorphic anticlimax antidote antipathy antiquated antiseptic antithesis apathy ape aperture

effectual effervescenceefficacy effigy effrontery effusive egoism egotistical egregious egress ejaculation elaboration elated elegy elicit elixir ellipsis elliptical eloquence elucidate elusive emaciated emanate emancipate embargo embark embed embellish embezzlement embody embrace embroider embroil embryonic emendation eminent emissary emollient empathy empirical emulate enamored encipher enclave

innocuous innovation innovative innuendo inopportune inordinate inquisitor insalubrious insatiable inscrutable insensible insidious insightful insinuate insipid insolence insolvent insomnia instigate insubordinationinsubstantial insularity insulated insuperable insurgent insurmountable insurrection intangible integral integrate integrity intellect intelligentsia intemperate inter interim interloper interment interminable intermittent interrogate intervene intimacy intimate

rabid raconteur rail raiment rally ramble ramification ramify ramp rampant ramshackle rancid rancor random rankle rant rapacious rapport rapt rarefied raspy ratify ratiocination rationale rationalize raucous rave ravel ravenous raze reactionary realm reaper rebuff rebuke rebuttal recalcitrant recant recapitulate recast receptive recession recidivism recipient

vanguard vantage vapid vaporize variegated veer vehement velocity venal vendetta vendor veneer venerable venerate venial venom vent vent ventriloquistventuresome veracity verbalize verbatim verbiage verbose verdant verge verisimilitudeverity vernacular versatile vertex vertigo verve vestige vex viable vicarious vicissitude vie vigilance vignette vigor vilify

apex aphasia aphorism apiary aplomb apocalyptic apocryphal apogee apolitical apologist apostate apotheosis appall apparatus apparition appease appellation append application apposite appraise appreciate apprehend apprehension apprenticeship apprise approbation appropriate apropos aptitude aquatic aquiline arable arbiter arbitrary arbitrator arboretum arcade arcane archaeology archaic archetype archipelago archives

encomium encompass encroachment encumber endearment endemic endorse enduring energize enervate enfranchise engage engaging engender engross enhance enigma enigmatic enmity ennui enormity enrapture ensconce ensemble entail enterprising enthrall entice entitlement entity entomology entourage entrance entreat entrepreneur enumerate enunciate eon ephemeral epic epicure epigram epilogue episodic

intimidate intractable intransigence intrepid intricate intrinsic introspective intrude intuition inundate inured invalidate invasive invective inverse invert invidious invigorate invincible inviolable invocation invoke invulnerable iota irascible irate ire iridescent irksome ironic irony irrational irreconcilable irrefutable irrelevant irremediable irreparable irrepressible irreproachable irresolute irretrievable irreverence irrevocable itinerant

reciprocal reciprocate recluse reconcile reconnaissancerecount recourse recrimination rectify rectitude recumbent recuperate recurrent redolent redoubtable redress redundant reek refraction refractory refrain refurbish refute regal regale regime regimen rehabilitate reimburse reiterate rejoinder rejuvenate relegate relent relevant relic relinquish relish remediable remedial reminiscence remiss remission remnant

vindicate vindictive viper virile virtual virtue virtuoso virulent virus visceral viscid viscous vise visionary vital vitriolic vituperative vivacious vociferous vogue volatile volition voluble voluminous voluptuous voracious vortex vouchsafe voyeur vulnerable waffle waft waggish waif waive wake wallow wan wane wanton warble warrant warranty wary

ardent arduous aria arid aristocracy armada aromatic arousal arraign array array arrears arrest arrogance arroyo arsenal articulate artifact artifice artisan artless ascendancy ascertain ascetic ascribe aseptic ashen asinine askance askew asperity aspirant aspire assail assay assent assert assessment assiduous assimilate assuage assumption assurance asteroid

epistolary epitaph epithet epitome epoch equable equanimity equestrian equilibrium equine equinox equitable equity equivocal equivocate erode erotic erratic erroneous erudite escapade escapism eschew esoteric espionage espouse esteem estranged ethereal ethnic ethos etymology eulogy euphemism euphonious euphoria evanescent evasive evenhanded evince evocative ewe exacerbate exacting

itinerary jabber jaded jargon jaundiced jaunt jaunty jeopardize jettison jingoist jocose jocular jollity jostle jovial jubilation judicious juncture junta jurisprudence justification kaleidoscope kernel killjoy kindle kindred kinetic kleptomaniac knave knit knoll knotty kudos laborious labyrinth laceration lachrymose lackadaisical lackluster laconic laggard lament lampoon languid

remonstrance remorse remunerative rend render rendition renegade renege renounce renovate renown rent reparable reparation repast repeal repel repellent repercussion repertoire replenish replete replica replicate repository reprehensible repress reprieve reprimand reprisal reprise reproach reprobate reprove repudiate repugnant repulsion reputable reputed requiem requisite requite rescind resentment

wastrel watershed wax waylay wean weather welter wheedle whelp whet whiff whimsical whinny whittle willful wily wince windfall winnow winsome wispy wistful withdrawn wither withhold withstand witless witticism wizardry woe worldly wrath wrench writhe wry xenophobia yen yield yield yoke

astigmatism astral astringent astronomical astute asunder asylum asymmetric atavism atheistic atlas atone atrocity atrophy attain attentive attenuate attest attribute attribute attrition atypical audacious audit auditory, augment augury august aureole auroral auspicious austere authenticate authoritarian authoritative autocratic automaton autonomous autopsy auxiliary avalanche avarice avenge averse

exalt exasperate exceptionableexcerpt excise exclaim excoriate exculpate execrable execute exegesis exemplary exemplify exempt exertion exhaustive exhilarating exhort exhume exigency exodus exonerate exorbitant exorcise exotic expansive expatriate expedient expedite expenditure expertise expiate expletive explicate explicit exploit exploit expository exposure expropriate expunge expurgate extant extent

languish languor lap larceny larder largess lassitude latent lateral latitude laud lavish Iax leaven lechery leery legacy legend legerdemain leniency lethal lethargic levitate levity levy lewd lexicographer lexicon liability liaison libel liberator libretto licentious lilliputian limber limerick limpid linchpin lineage linger linguistic liniment lionize

reserve residue resigned resilient resolution resolve resolve resonant respiration respite resplendent responsivenessrestitution restive restraint resumption resurge retain retaliation retentive reticence retinue retiring retort retract retrench retribution retrieve retroactive retrograde retrospective revelry reverent reverie revert revile revoke revulsion rhapsodize rhetoric rhetorical ribald riddle rider

aversion avert aviary avid avocation avow avuncular awe awry axiom azure babble bacchanalian badger badinage baffle bait baleful balk ballast balm balmy banal bandy bane bantering barb bard baroque barrage barren barricade barterer bask bastion bate bauble bawdy beam beatific beatitude bedizen bedraggle beeline

extenuate extol extort extradition extraneous extrapolationextricate extrinsic extrovert extrude exuberance exude exult fabricate facade facet facetious facile facilitate facsimile faction faculty fallacious fallible fallow falter fanaticism fancy fanfare farce fastidious fatalism fathom fatuous fauna fawning faze feasible fecundity feign feint felicitous felicity fell

liquidate list listless litany lithe litigation livid loath loathe lofty log loiter loll longevity loom lope lout low lucid lucrative ludicrous lugubrious lull lull lumber luminary luminous lummox lunar lunge lurid lurk luscious luster lustrous luxuriant machinations madrigal maelstrom magnanimous magnate magnitude maim maladroit

rife rift rig rigid rigor rigorous rile riveting rivulet robust roil roster rostrum rote rotundity rousing rout rubble ruddy rudimentary rue ruffian ruminate rummage ruse rustic ruthless saboteur saccharine sacrilegious sacrosanct sadistic saga Sagacious sage salacious salient salubrious salutary salvage salvo sanctimonious sanction sanctuary

befuddle beget begrudge beguile behemoth belabor belated beleaguer belie belittle bellicose belligerent bemoan bemused benediction benefactor beneficial beneficiary benevolent benign bent bequeath berate bereavement bereft berserk beseech beset besiege besmirch bestial bestow betoken betray betroth bevy biased bicameral bicker biennial bigotry bilious bilk billowing

fell felon feral ferment ferret fervent fervid fervor fester festive fetid fetter fiasco fickle fictitious fidelity figment figurative figurine filament filch filial filibuster finale finesse finicky firebrand fissure fitful flabbergastedflaccid flag flagrant flair flamboyant flaunt fleck fledgling fleece fleece flick flinch flippant flit

malady malaise malapropism malcontent malediction malefactor malevolent malfeasance malicious malign malignant malingerer malleable malodorous mammal mammoth mandate mandatory maniacal manifest manifesto manipulate mannered marital maritime marked marquee marred marshal marsupial martial martinet martyr masochist material materialism maternal matriarch matriculate maudlin maul maverick mawkish maxim

sanguine sap sarcasm sardonic sartorial sate satellite satiate satire satirical saturate saturnine saunter savant savor savory scabbard scad scaffold scale scamp scanty scapegoat scavenge scenario schematic schism scintillate scoff scourge scruple scrupulous scrutinize scuffle scurry scurvy scuttle scuttle seamy seasoned secession seclusion secrete sectarian

bivouac bizarre blanch bland blandishment blare blasé blasphemy blatant bleak blighted blithe bloated bludgeon bluff bluff blunder blurt bluster bode bogus bohemian boisterous bolster bolt bolt bombardment bombastic booming boon boorish boundless bountiful bourgeois bovine bowdlerize boycott braggart brandish bravado brawn brazen breach breadth

floe flora florid flounder flourish flout fluctuate fluency fluke fluster flux fodder foible foil foil foliage foment foolhardy fop forbearance ford forebears foreboding forensic foreshadow foresight forestall forgo forlorn formality formidable forsake forswear forte forthright fortitude fortuitous forum foster founder founder fracas fractious frail

meager meander meddlesome mediate mediocre meditation medley meek melancholy mellifluous membrane memento menagerie mendacious mendicant menial mentor mercenary mercurial merger mesmerize metallurgical metamorphosis metaphor metaphysical methodical meticulous metropolis mettle miasma microcosm migrant migratory milieu militant mimicry mincing minuscule minute minutiae mirage mire mirth misanthrope

secular sedate sedentary sedition sedulous seedy seemly seep seethe seismic seminary sensual sententious sentinel sequester serendipity serenity serrated servile servitude sever severity shackle sham shambles shard sheaf shear sheathe sheer shimmer shirk shoddy shrewd shroud shun shyster sibling simian simile simper Simplistic simulate sinecure

brevity brindled bristling brittle broach brochure brooch browbeat browse brunt brusque buccaneer bucolic buffet buffet buffoonery bullion bulwark bumptious bungalow bungle buoyant bureaucracy burgeon burlesque burly burnish bustle buttress buxom cabal cache cacophonous cadaver cadaverous cadence cajole calamity calculated caldron caliber calligraphy callous callow

franchise frantic fraternize fraudulent fraught fray frenetic frenzied fresco fret friction frigid frivolous frolicsome frond frugality fruition frustrate fugitive fulcrum fulsome fundamental furlough furor furtive fusion futile gadfly gaffe gainsay gait galaxy gale gall gall galleon galvanize gambit gamely gamut gape garbled gargantuan garish

misapprehensionmiscellany mischance misconception misconstrue misdemeanor miserly misgivings mishap misnomer misrepresent missile missive mite mitigate mnemonic mobile mock mode modicum modulate molecule mollify molt molten momentous momentum monarchy monastic monetary monochromatic monolithic monosyllabic monotony montage monumental moodiness moratorium morbid mores moribund morose mortician mortify

sinewy singular sinister sinuous skeptic skiff skimp skinflint skirmish skulk slacken slag slake slander slapdash sleeper sleight slight slipshod slither slothful slough slovenly sluggard sluggish slur slur smelt smirk smolder snicker snivel sodden sojourn solace solder solecism solemnity solicit solicitous soliloquy solitude soluble solvent

calorific calumny camaraderie cameo camouflage candor canine canny cant cantankerous cantata canter canto canvass capacious Capacity capitulate caprice capricious caption captivate carat cardinal cardiologist careen caricature carnage carnal carnivorous carping cartographer cascade castigate casualty cataclysm catalyst catapult cataract catastrophe catcall catechism categorical cater to catharsis

garner garnish garrulous gauche gaudy gaunt gavel gawk genealogy generality generate generic genesis geniality genre genteel gentility gentry germane germinal germinate gesticulationghastly gibberish gibe giddy gingerly girth gist glacial glaring glaze glib glimmer gloat glossary gloss over glossy glower glut glutton gnarled gnome goad

mosaic mote motif motley mottled muddle muggy multifaceted multifarious multiform multilingual multiplicity mundane munificent mural murky muse mushroom musky muster musty mutability muted mutinous myopic myriad mystify nadir naiveté narcissist narrative nascent natty nauseate nautical navigable nebulous necromancy nefarious negate negligence negligible nemesis neologism

somber somnambulist somnolent sonorous sophisticated sophistry sophomoric soporific sordid sovereign spangle sparse spartan spasmodic spat spate spatial spatula spawn specious spectrum spendthrift sphinx-like splice spontaneity sporadic sportive spry spurious spurn squabble squalor squander squat staccato stagnant staid stalemate stalwart stamina stanch stanza static statute

catholic caucus caulk causal caustic cavalcade cavalier cavil cede celebrated celerity celestial celibate censor censorious censure centigrade centrifugal centripetal centurion cerebral cerebration ceremonious certitude cessation cession chafe chaff chaffing chagrin chalice chameleon champion Chaotic charisma charlatan chary chasm chassis chaste chasten chastise chauvinist check

gorge gorge gory gouge gourmand gourmet graduated graft grandeur grandiloquentgrandiose granulate graphic grapple grate gratify gratis gratuitous gravity gregarious grievance grill grimace grisly grouse grotesque grove grovel grudging gruel grueling gruesome gruff guffaw guile guileless guise gullible gustatory gusto gusty hackneyed haggard haggle

neophyte nepotism nettle neutral nicety nihilist nip nirvana nocturnal noisome nomadic nomenclature nominal nonchalance noncommittal nondescript nonentity nonplus nostalgia notable notoriety novelty novice noxious nuance nullify numismatist nuptial nurture nutrient oaf obdurate obese obfuscate obituary objective objective obligatory oblique obliterate oblivion oblivious obnoxious obscure

steadfast stealth steep stellar stem stem from stereotype stifle stigma stigmatize stilted stint stint stipend stipulate stodgy Stoic stoke stolid stratagem stratify stratum strew striated stricture strident stringent strut strut studied stultify stupefy stupor stymie suavity subdued subjective subjugate sublime subliminal submissive subordinate suborn subpoena

checkered cherubic chicanery chide chimerical chisel chisel Chivalrous choleric choreography chortle chronic chronicle churlish cipher cipher circuitous circumlocution circumscribe circumspect circumvent cistern citadel cite Civil clairvoyant clamber clamor clandestine clangor clapper clasp claustrophobia cleave Cleft clemency clench cliché clientele climactic clime Clip clique cloister

hallowed hallucinationhalting hamper haphazard harangue harass harbinger harbor hardy harrowing haughtiness hazardous hazy headlong headstrong heckler hedonist heed heedless heinous herbivorous heresy hermetic hermitage heterodox heterogeneousheyday hiatus hibernal hibernate hierarchy hilarity hindrance histrionic hoard hoary hoax hodgepodge holster homage homogeneous hone hoodwink

obscure obsequious obsessive obsolete obstetrician obstinate obstreperous obtrude obtuse obviate odious odium odorous odyssey offensive offhand officious ogle olfactory oligarchy ominous omnipotent omnipresent omniscient omnivorous onerous onset onus opalescent opaque opiate opportune opportunist optician optimist optimum optional opulence opus oracular orator ordain ordeal ordinance

subsequent subservient subside subsidiary subsidy subsistence substantial substantiate substantive subterfuge subtlety subversive succinct succor succulent succumb suffragist sully sultry summation summit sumptuous sunder supercilious superficial superfluous superimpose supersede supplant supple supplicate supposition suppress surfeit surly surmise surmount surpass surreptitious surrogate surveillance susceptible sustain sustenance

Clout cloying Clump coagulate coalesce coalition coddle codicil codify coercion cogent cogitate cognate cognitive cognizance cohere cohesion coiffure coin coincidence colander collaborate collage collate collateral colloquial collusion colossal comatose combustible comely comeuppance commandeer commemorate commensurate commiserate commodious communal compact compact comparable compatible compelling compensatory

horde horticulturalhost hostility hovel hover hue hulking humane humdrum humid humility hurtle husband hybrid hydrophobia hyperbole hypercriticalhypochondriachypocritical hypothetical ichthyology icon iconoclastic ideology idiom idiosyncrasy idolatry ignite ignoble ignominy

ordination orgy orient orientation ornate ornithologist ornithology orthodox oscillate ossify ostensible ostentatious ostracize oust outlandish outmoded outskirts outspoken outstrip outwit ovation overbearing overt overwrought pachyderm pacifist pacify pact paean painstaking palatable paleontology palette pall palliate pallid palpable palpitate paltry pan panacea panache pandemic pandemonium

suture swagger swarm swarthy swathe swelter swerve swill swindler sybarite sycophant symbiosis symmetry synoptic synthesis table tacit taciturn tactile taint talisman talon tangential tangible tanner tantalize tantamount tantrum tarantula tarry taut

compile complacency complaisant complement complementary compliance compliant complicity component composure compound comprehensive compress comprise compromise compunction compute concave concede conceit concentric conception concerted concession conciliatory concise contrived controvert contusion conundrum convene convention conventional converge conversant converse converse convert convex conveyance conviction convivial convoke convoluted

pander panegyric panoramic pantomime papyrus parable paradigm paradox paragon parallelism paramount paranoia paraphernalia paraphrase parasite parched pariah parity parochial parody paroxysm parry parsimony partial partiality partisan partition passive passport pastiche pastoral patent pathetic pathological pathos patina patriarch patrician patronize paucity pauper peccadillo pecuniary pedagogy

Copious coquette cordial cordon cornucopia corollary coronation corporeal corpulent correlation corroborate corrode corrosive corrugated Cosmic cosmopolitan coterie countenance countenance countermand culvert cumbersome cumulative cupidity curator curmudgeon cursive cursory curtail cynical cynosure dabble dais dank dapper dappled daub daunt dauntless dawdle deadlock deadpan dearth debacle

pedant pedantic pedestrian pediatrician peerless pejorative pellucid penchant pendant penitent pensive penury perceptive percussion perdition peregrination peremptory perennial perfidious perforate perfunctory perimeter peripheral periphery perjury permeable permeate pernicious perpetrate perpetual perpetuate perquisite persona personable perspicacious pert pertinacious pertinent perturb peruse pervasive perverse pessimism petrify

debase debauch debilitate debonair debris debunk debutante decadence decapitate decelerate deciduous decimate decipher declivity decollete decomposition decorum decoy decrepit decrepitude decry deducible deface defame default defeatist defection defer defer defer deference defiance defile definitive deflect defoliate defray deft defunct defuse degenerate degradation dehydrate deify

petty petulant phenomena philanderer philanthropist philistine philology phlegmatic phobia phoenix phylum physiological picaresque piebald piecemeal pied piety pigment pillage pine pinnacle pious piquant pique pique pitfall pithy pittance pivotal placate placebo placid plagiarism plagiarize plaintive plasticity platitude plaudit plausible plenitude plethora pliable pliant plight

deign delectable delete deleterious deliberate delineate delirium delude deluge delusion delve demagogue demean demeanor demented demise demolition demoniac demur demure demystify denigrate denizen denotation denouement denounce depict

plumb plumage plummet plutocracy podiatrist podium poignancy polarize polemical politic polygamist polyglot pomposity ponderous pontifical pore porous portend portent portly poseur posterity posthumous postulate potable potent potentate



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