Phil Zimbardode的探索心理学讲座

Original Videos can be found on; English transcripts (pdf) can be downloaded from

Lecture 01: Past Present and Promise

Lecture 02: Understanding Research

Lecture 03: The Behaving Brain

Lecture 04: The Responsive Brain

Lecture 05: The Developing Child

Lecture 06: Language Development

Lecture 07: Sensation and Perception

Lecture 08: Learning

Lecture 09: Remembering and Forgetting

Lecture 10: Cognitive Processes

Lecture 11: Judgement and Decision Making

Lecture 12: Motivation and Emotion

Lecture 13: The Mind Awake and Asleep

Lecture 14: The Mind Hidden and Divided

Lecture 15: The Self

Lecture 16: Testing and Intelligence

Lecture 17: Sex and Gender

Lecture 18: Maturing and Aging

Lecture 19: The Power of the Situation

Lecture 20: Constructing Social Reality

Lecture 21: Psychopathology

Lecture 22: Psychotherapy

Lecture 23: Health Mind and Behavior

Lecture 24: Applying Psychology in Life

Lecture 25: Cognitive Neuroscience

Lecture 26: Cultural Psychology




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