I am for beauty

今天向大家推荐的是一首我的好友Adam向我推荐的歌曲《I am for beauty》,这是一首非常难得同时又非常好听的歌曲。这首歌曲选自《Bose Wave Radio / CD II 试音碟》,Bose音响相信大家都不陌生,而它每一个产品的试音碟也成为了众多hi-fier去争相收藏的极品。相信这首歌曲不论是从哪个角度一定不会让大家失望。

2006072913303937871I Am For Beauty
Bose Wave Radio / CD 2 Demonstration Disc
Montreal Hay featuring Michelle Campagne

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  1. Steve 0

    Where can I get the Michelle Campagne track “I am for Beauty” on MP3? it is featured on the Bose demonstration disk and I would like t to be played at my wedding

  2. admin 4

    cong! it’s the address



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