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Speaking at a scheduled news conference, Jiang Yu, a ministry spokeswoman, did not address Google’s complaints about censorship and cyberattacks and simply stated that “China’s Internet is open.” -- from New York Times 或许Google选择离开并不是意味着它放弃了中国市场,而是中国放弃了互联网。 --from 可能吧  这里是一些bloger发文表示自己的看法:keso,可能吧,李笑来,月光,不许联想,谷奥,嘻来嚷往… Discussion (From Techmeme): Nicholas D. Kristof / New York Times: Google Takes a Stand Ethan / ...My heart's in Accra: Four possible explanations for Google's big China move USA Today: Google and China play hardball in fight over search services Patricio Robles / the Econsultancy blog: Is Google's China threat really a business maneuver? Phil Nickinson / Android Central: Is Android's future in…